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COVIDShotCount.org (the "Website") displays United States COVID-19 vaccination data aggregated from the public website of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The data is programmatically scraped via a backend process that runs every thirty minutes. If the program detects a change in the vaccination data the CDC provides, the new data will be stored into a database to which the Website has access. Additionally, automatic posts will be published to our Twitter and Facebook accounts chronicling the new data.

There are many aspects the Website offers that the CDC's website does not, including:

- Historic vaccination data (doses distributed and administered on what date)
- Charts depicting the United States' progress in administering vaccines
- Charts depicting the United States' progress in attaining herd immunity

Throughout the United States' effort in distributing vaccines to the masses, we plan on expanding the data offered on the Website in a variety of different forms that are not offered on different online sites.

For more information regarding the backend processes of this project, please consult our GitHub repository. For further questions or concerns, please submit a contact inquiry here.