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Data aggregated from CDC.gov | Updated 12/2/2021 10:00 PM UTC
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The data comprising this chart was programmatically aggregated from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's public website on 12/2/2021 10:00 PM UTC. Because the aggregator runs at thirty-minute intervals, the data may be as much as thirty minutes behind. The enlarged numbers represent the total quantity of doses (from 12/20/2020 UTC to 12/2/2021 UTC), while the small green numbers represent the increase in the total quantity of doses since the CDC's previous update (12/1/2021 UTC). The Johnson & Johnson vaccinations are included in only the "Fully Vaccinated People" figure. If any of the information displayed in the above chart is incorrect or formatted incorrectly, please contact administration here.

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Projected date herd immunity will be established:

February 2nd, 2022

This projection is programmatically calculated by COVID Shot Count based on the current progress of COVID-19 vaccine administrations in the United States. In the calculation, the immunity of both the first dose and the second dose are weighted appropriately. Oxford defines "herd immunity" (noun) as, "protection from a disease that happens if a large percentage of the population is immune to it." COVID Shot Count has chosen 70% as the threshold of COVID-19 herd immunity on the basis of Dr. Anthony Fauci's comment on January 21st, 2021: "If we get 70-85% of the country vaccinated by the end of the summer--the time we get to the fall--we will be approaching a degree of normality." For further information on how we calculated this figure, please contact administration here.

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